Idle Daemon

Drew Dudash

I am a software developer with applied research experience interested in robotics, quantum computing, and decentralized networks. I practice modern software development practices: unit testing, integration testing, documenting, version control.


Care for a Game?

I made a minesweeper game in Lisp using Jay McCarthy's continutation based web server. Everything is server side. You can bookmark the page to save your progress.

This is now on a Racket awesome list.


My resume can be found here.

Professional Projects

I've been paid to do the following:

  • Developed occupancy grid software and tested on small robots.
  • Designed virtual test networks, using Docker, for integration testing of distributed systems.
  • Developed distributed occupancy grid for robot swarm and tested code on virtual network.
  • Designed blockchain protocol, developed blockchain node software, and confirmed working fork resolution on virtual network.
  • Ported a monolithic robot control system to ROS.
  • Set up camera based computer vision on ROS based robot.
  • Set up LiDAR based computer vision on ROS based robot.
  • Developed software that allows a human to assume control of an autonomous machine. The machine can also request human control.
  • Developed a step counting system using Kinect and a support vector machine.
  • Set up Jenkins, a continuous integration tool, to test and lint pull requests.

Dead AI Language Resources

Useful books and other resources for Common Lisp, the only language that matters.

  • The HyperSpec provides an online copy of the standard. Good for being pedantic on IRC. There's also a Franz version. You might prefer the typography in the latter.
  • Common Lisp Recipes is yet another useful project of Edi Weitz.
  • Practical Common Lisp is like a cookbook with actual projects.
  • Let Over Lambda is an advanced guide to unhygienic macros for advanced Common Lisp programmers.