Yet Another Stupid Website

Why are you here?

You're probably here because I linked a file through my website, you looked at the url, and then decided to see the real thing. Congratulations on all your free time.

Things I wrote.

Care for a Game?

I made a minesweeper game in Lisp using Jay McCarthy's continutation based web server. Everything is server side. You can bookmark the page to save your progress.

Links Worth Clicking

Dead AI Language Resources

Useful books and other resources for Common Lisp, the only language that matters.

  • The HyperSpec provides an online copy of the standard. Good for being pedantic on IRC. There's also a Franz version. You might prefer the typography in the latter.
  • Common Lisp Recipes is yet another useful project of Edi Weitz.
  • Practical Common Lisp is like a cookbook with actual projects. It's dead sexy.
  • Let Over Lambda is an advanced guide to unhygienic macros for advanced Common Lisp programmers.